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Wire Brush

Wire Brushes offered by Utkarsh Brush Works are the abrasive implements, utilized for the thorough cleaning of surfaces. They are used to brush off rust and paint. Suited for cleaning the surfaces, they can make a better conductive orbit. The industries use them to clean the amassed build-up of grime and filth. Accountable for the complete finishing & cleaning of various metals, these intact cleaning solutions are so versatile and functional. Dissimilar to other brushes, these Wire Brushes are made of wire strands and not filaments. They have accessibility in steel & brass wires. Furthermore, they boast of high fatigue life and optimum cutting capability. In this way, these are suitable to apply on various hard surfaces such as wood, concrete, metal and others. Removal of heavy debris is possible with these brushes such as scaling, corrosion etc.

In India, We are mainly dealing in Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat, Karnataka, Kerala, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra etc.